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Homes built for $1,000,000+

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  • Waimea West homw by Foothold Developments

    Waimea West – 2014

    This impressive home takes its inspiration from the Hamptons. Carefully considered design elements and the attention to detail are stunning. Master Builders Home of the Year Gold, Local Category, Gold Reserve, Lifestyle and Sustainable Award winner.

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  • Foothold Developments Redwood Valley

    Redwood Valley – 2012

    Deceptively simple, this outstandingly designed and built home is a fresh modern classic. The perfect blend of contemporary light and space, grounded with the solidity of stone. Winner of a Silver medal in the Master Builders House of the Year Awards.

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  • Redwood Valley – 2011

    A welcoming, fun and fabulous 5 bedroom home that truly reflects the owners character, personality and passion for life. Winner of the Master Builders Home of the Year Gold, Category and Gold Reserve medals.

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